MTW 6422 Lessons Learned


I conducted a Needs Assessment for the Marijuana Policy Project in the fall of 2018. These are the lessons that I learned! 1 – If you have personal history or experience with a client, check you ego and bias at the door. I would almost argue that if one has personal history or experience with a client, it’s nearly impossible not to have bias. In my experience with this assessment, at the very least the bias is acknowledged and I was conscious of it throughout the process. 2 – If someone on the client side is difficult to schedule an interview with, that is telling in and of itself. If this were a professional assessment and MPP hired me, I bet the Executive Director would have made time to speak with me. But before I even get to that presumption, internal communication red flags are set off if a supervisor cannot speak about their organization’s deficiencies. 3 – Don’t overthink it…sometimes instructional intervention isn’t the solution. Particularly in my experience…MPP just doesn’t have any standards or practices written down for its employees to follow! 4 – In a learning needs assessment, many times the problem isn’t that a group of people don’t know how to do something or use a tool…it’s that their just doing or using it wrong.