HTC Lab Field Trip

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The HTC Lab visiting the Hirshhorn Museum last week to see the Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s Pulse exhibit. The exhibit offers immersive environments that use heart-rate sensors to create kinetic and audiovisual experiences. It was a great outing and led to exciting … Continued

Dr. Milman at AERA

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Natalie Milman (of the HTC Lab) presented with Andrew Ho (of the Harvard Graduate School of Education) and Sharon Dannels (of GWU) on the implications of “data analytics” and consideration of challenges to protection of privacy, funding of research, assessing … Continued

NSF Future of Work proposal

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The members of the HTC lab submitted a proposal to NSF to support the expansion of the Lab’s efforts in the development of research and educational resources on Collaborative Social Machines. “…planning grant will develop an innovative model for scalable … Continued

Neuroscientists Demonstrate Wireless Neural Communication Possible

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Neuroscientists demonstrate neural communication is possible across electrical fields when direct communication is blocked and even demonstrate that communication is possible across severed connections.  The researchers (Chia-Chu Chiang, Rajat S. Shivacharan, Xile Wei, Luis E. Gonzalez‐Reyes and Dominique M. Durand) … Continued

Executive Order on AI

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The US President signed a new executive order to promote the development of AI.  There are many applicable aspects to the order for the research of the HTC Lab, including direction on Worker Preparation: Agencies will train people to prepare … Continued

Larry Medsker – AAAI Conference in Hawaii

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On January 29th Larry Medsker, from the HTC research lab, will be giving an invited talk on the Future of Work, AI Education, and Public Policy at the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) conference in Hawaii.   AAAI-19/IAAI-19/EAAI-19 Invited … Continued