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New Article by Jas and Larry

| Data Science Outreach Educational Program for High School Students Focused in Agriculture Jasmine B Sami GWU Zachary Stein Krystin Sinclair Larry Medsker Abstract Members of the Data Science Program at George Washington... READ MORE

AI Bias, Ethics, and Policy Article


Larry Medsker and Farhana Faruqe from the HTC lab recently published an article on AI Bias, Ethics, and Policy in ACM’s AI Matters. Click to access AIMatters-6-1-04-Medsker.pdf   READ MORE

AI Bias and Fairness


Farhana Faruqe and Dr. Larry Medsker of the HTC Lab are publishing a series of blogs on AI Bias and Fairness for AAAI. Here is a link to the first of their contributions…... READ MORE